Caring and Propagating Delosperma cooperii (Mittagsblume)

Delosperma cooperii (Mittagsblume - german name) is winter-hardy but is not so often sold in Garden stores in Germany but I happen to find onecool. I find them beautiful and interesting as they don't need much water so you can save on a little. enlightened

Delosperma cooperii (Mittagsblume) doesn't need much care as long as they are planted in a warm place and where the sun shines most, they thrives and blossoms from June till September . The soil should be permeable and dry. Water them only when the soil is very dry to prevent roots decay. 

Delosperma congestum

Delosperma cooperii

Propagations is very easy and can be done through cuttings. Not to mention that bumblebees loves them.