Milestones: 24 months old Toddler

The days passed quickly and my son is now 2 years old, 97cm tall and weighs 15,3 kg.  When I looked at the pictures where he was still days old, I can't imagine how he grows so fast. Walking, climbing the stairs, teasing me to catch him while laughing and running around.  It delights me to see how he develops into a young toddler. While other kids already talk some words and broken sentences, he is still away from it.  Maybe because we teached him two languages.  At one year old he already said 2-3 words but after I spoke to him in my own language, it was gone.  Some said maybe because he is a boy. Girls talks definitely earlier than boys.

Sleeping has also some drawbacks, especially now that his teeth are coming out one by one. Normally he sleeps about 9 hours during the night and 2-3 hours nap time. That is his schedule, so if I put him very early to bed, he would also wake up very early which is not so good for me.  So I put him around 8:30pm to bed, drinks his milk and he will sleep at 9:00pm and wakes up from 6-6:30 a.m.  Sometimes he wakes up around 2-4 a.m. and that would mean a disaster for me.  

We started to visit the "Krabbelgruppe" a Toddler group when he was 20 months old.  He glowed to see many toys, especially the cars and some lego sets like what we have at home.  The ball pool was his favorite and the slides.  In my opinion, it is the right age to visit a toodler group because he was already confident with walking and running around the indoor playground.  And I was happy to see that he was happy too.  He is still not so interested in other kids but at least he saw other kids playing.

During this winter season our favorite hangout are going to malls and swimming, aside from visiting the toddler group which is only once a week.  When were at home we play hide and seek, I tickle him and he can't stop to laugh! Books are sometimes interesting but mostly he only scan the pages. I must say at his age he already watches children shows and videos. I know watching TV it is not good for him but it is definitely a good baby sitter especially when I have to do something importantfrown

I tried to show him how I put our clothes in the washing machine and he helped me put them in too.  Every morning when he go to our living room he turns the lights on, when I told him to do so. When I said we will go out, most of the time he sits on the bench so I can put on his shoes. When he wakes up after napping, he simply get out of our bed without falling and that is already a big milestone.  Before I forget, I get a kiss especially when he is naughty and he knows that mama is not amusedlaugh.  

So, these are some highlights I experienced with my 24 months old toddler.  Though he doesn't talk yet, I know he understands me and that is very important.  wink