Milestones: 36 months old preschool

My son has just celebrated his birthday. He grows very fast and I mean really fast. He is 104 cm tall and weighs 17 kilos just like a five year old kid. He is the tallest in the Kindergarten and all of his playmates thinks he is older than they are.

As he turns 2 and then two and half years, some people are questioning us why he still doesn't speak. We are not worried but others are! We should see a doctor and perhaps he is a slow learner and so on. By the way, there are also kids who speaks late and are very normal. Some were even diagnosed by doctors as late learners and still have studied in Universities and are successful than those who were "normal" as a kid.

He did not start to talk until three weeks before his birthday. He started to said Mama, Papa and Baby.  It was an amazing experience. Now words come one after the other, like awa (and show us where's the pain), pipi, eis, heiss, tschüss and wave his hand, (german words) and one Bisaya word - "baba" meaning mouth. He still got a special course in the Kindergarten since he talked late so he will be trained to develop his langauge skills. Since he hears more german words, I think he will be talking german than Bisaya. I talk to him in my own dialect since I want him to understand me, especially when we go to the Philippines.  

His sleeping habits is normal, that means sleeping through the night and also he still takes an afternoon nap and I wished he did this, sleeping through the night when he was still a babycheeky.

Some things we just let it happen, I don't want to pursue things like he must sleep in his own room from the time he was born.  I remember my mom told me that she carry and let me sleep with them as I was a baby and my mom said I should do that also to my child. She is not very happy with the idea here in Europe and in other countries to let babies sleep in other room. My husband and I agreed with her. 

Not until he was 2 years old, we tried to let him sleep in his own room and he wokes up every 2 am in the morning and came to our bed and sleep with us. Six months later, as he started to go to the Kindergarten, while we were playing in his room, I spoke to him and said, "Louis, I will make new bedsheets in your bed and tonight, you will sleep in your bed, is that okay?" I was showing him that I am changing his bed with the new bedsheets and that night, he sleep there until in the morning! We were very surprise and from then on, he sleep on his bed and sleep through the night! Of course, when he was sick, we let him sleep in our bed, so we can really monitor and take care of him. We actually don't have any problem when he wants to come to our bed and showed him that he is always welcome and cuddle him.heart Going to be is not a problem him. He understand that and go to sleep after we tell him a story or two. Of course, he is sometimes awake, perhaps he was dreaming but when I or my husband come to him and sooth him, all things go well and he sleeps again.

He also still drinks water from his bottle.  My husband said, we shouldn't allow him anymore only when he go to sleep. I said, just let him practise drinking from a glass and also do not get rid of the water in a bottle right away. Now, he drinks only in bed and very rare during the day.  

It seems that some things will just come and go with the time without any force that your child should do this or that.  I think that's the best practise, your child will not always be forced to do something he doesn't want, he is is happy and that is the most important thing!

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