My Talking Child

My son is a late talker although he already said some words when he was one-year old but then he stop imitating them.  He knows every animal or things we showed him in books and can point to every animal we asked but unfortunately doesn't really immitate words. He said  only words like Mama, Papa and other three to four words but not more .

Many people with late-talker children we spoke to, told us to just wait because he will eventually talk. Not until this week, to my surprise, he started to imitate many words! It was a big relief on our part as parents because of the pressure our society in every aspect which actually burdened us has lessened and I know that my child can talk!

For those mommies and papies who despairingly wants to hear their child talks, day one will come no doubt about it! 

What we actually did was, aside from reading books during sleeping time (my son still make day naps) one month ago we bought some audio books and we turned it on everytime leave the roomenlightened. This is eventually the reason why he started to talk but I am not sure about it though I am very positive that it had helped him. My husband said to me, why we didn't think about it earlier.

Well, sometimes the simplest solution are in your hands and you can't think about it. wink