Milestones: 7 months old baby

My baby is now seven months and 1 week old. He is trying to heave his shoulders and his lower body one at a time. He also pursues to kick with his feet and legs. Hopefully he can sit on his own already without support.


He also bable things like dadada or tatata. I try to teach him to speak Bisaya and English aside from German. Hopefully he will learn at least to speak Bisaya.


Although sleep is still a very big issue as I still wake up in the middle of the night or very early morning three to four times, sometimes even every hour.   The past few days is getting better, he sleep already for more hours straight but not more than four I think. He also sleep on his own. At first it took two hours before he got to sleep on his own and wanted to be nurse, of course he cried while I told him it is okay and held his hand and cuddle him sometimes. Eventually he stopped crying and has just babble something and sooth himself to sleep. I was very amuse because from that point everytime he woke up at night, he get back to sleep on his own, sometimes I held him but he manage to sleep on his own. A very big milestone.


I would like to wean him as soon as possible but I think that is not good for him. So I will just take it slowly so he can also adjust.


What makes us happy are  those sweet smiles and jerky laughs specially when we cuddle him together every morning.  It is a really wonderful feeling.


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