Milestones: 8 months old baby

After a long wait my baby now begins to crawl! It could mean baby-proofing our home from all things which could probably harm the baby. He can be all over the house and is very curious and will put all things he will see into his mouth so keep an eye on him. It also means a strenuous job for the parents but it doesn't matter.


At the same time he can now feed on his own using the "pincer grip", I gave him small bits of bread and he did feed himself for the first time and I was so amazed how he did it! 


Another milestone is that he can already sleep on his own after I nursed him. Singing the same song every time is like a routine and it worked! Letting him cry it out as the Ferber Method suggest is not the solution as babies are not robots and I will not even try. As a mom, I can't simply bear letting him cry for hours so he can get to sleep.


I also noticed that he is very interested on looking at books with pictures, scanning the pages with such enthusiasm.

One week after he crawls, he can sit and begin to stand up on his own which really amazed us, as if in a moment he will start to walk, I think that would take a bit longer.


Of course he crawls to our CDs and DVDs cabinet and one at time examines each one of them and put them all over the floor! Just like what other moms said!


Mama and Papa are very happy not because of the scattered CDs and DVDs on the floor but because of the new developments!


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