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Smoking in front of Kids!

As we drove to an Appliance Store, I saw a family standing outside the store with a small child, I think it was the same age with my son. To my surprise both father and mother and their friend were taking out cigarettes and started to smoke in front of the baby! I was so shock as they didn't bother smoking in front of him! I think they know the side effects of smoking but they just didn't care. How can they do that? What about at home???


According to an article I read about smoking from www.babycenter.com, it says: 


Smoking outside is better than smoking indoors, but no matter where you smoke, your baby will be exposed to the toxins. These toxins are unhealthy for everyone, but small children are particularly vulnerable.

Whenever someone smokes, toxic particulate matter gets into that person's hair and clothes. In addition, a smoker exhales toxins for several minutes after extinguishing the cigarette.

When a smoker comes into contact with your baby, even if she's not smoking at the time, your baby is exposed to those toxins. And if you're a smoker and you breastfeed, the toxins are transferred to your baby through your breast milk. (Even if you're a smoker, though, nursing your baby is better than bottle-feeding her.)

Also, smoking inside your home isn't safe even when your baby's not there. The toxic particulates from the smoke settle on surfaces throughout the house and stay there long after the visible smoke dissipates. Pediatrician Jonathan Winickoff at the American Academy of Pediatrics' Richmond Center and Harvard Medical School coined the term "thirdhand" smoke to describe this kind of tobacco-smoke contamination.

"Children are especially at risk because they crawl and play on, touch, and mouth exposed surfaces," says Jonathan D. Klein, director of the Richmond Center. In fact, the ingestion rate in infants is more than twice that of adults.


If you smoke that doesn't mean you are a bad person but as a parent, your children needs your protection and not to harm them...Think about it.