Breastfeeding and Weaning my Baby

Breastfeeding is best for babies but sometimes it is not simple to breastfeed especially when you have little milk. Like some momies I had difficulty to breastfeed. What I did was to keeped on feeding my baby and ate foods which stimulate milk production, like beef soup. Sometimes you do not know if your baby is full or not, weighing him helped to know if he had enough.  If he gains weight then you know you have done the right thing.  Some momies combines it with formulas but I'd sticked only to breastfeeding and it was enough.  In the first few months it was really tiring, since he woke up every two to three hours and needs to be fed. So, long sleep was only a dream.


At six months, I wanted to stop breastfeeding him and introduced solid foods but I noticed that he still want to be breastfeed, so I decided to do it slowly by combining it with formula when he was eight months.  At first he did not like it but as we tried another brand he accepted it (it was the same brand he got as we are in the hospital) and So, I continue until his 10 months old.  Now, I am in the process of weaning him.  In the past four days, he stopped drinking milk from me and drink only formula. There was no struggle at all.  He was just fine.


Now, the next problem is how to stop your breast from producing milk and to prevent breast engorgement or Mastitis.  The good thing about weaning your baby slowly is that, it tells also your body to slow milk production.  I did it two times a day and once at night until I was only breastfeeding him once at night, it did not matter if it was before going to bed or in the middle of the night.  If my breast was full then it was the time to breastfeed him. I drink lots and lots of Sage Tea (Salbei Tee) combine with Peppermint Tea (Pfefferminztee) the whole day, it helps reduce milk production. When I noticed that my breast is full, hard and has lumps, I express a little milk just to ease the pain by rubbing it slightly. I also asked my midwife and so told me to massage it a little to reduce lumps.


Though my breast was not anymore full, I noticed that my left breast was painful for days already, so I talked to my therapist about it and he to put me under Mora-Therapie and after two sessions it was gone! Thank God...


Yes, being a mother is not easy, you have to be mentally and physically fit and you will need all the help from your family and friends. The most important thing is that your baby is happy and satisfied, lots of play and being there every time.


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