Milestones: 18 months old baby

Louis is now one and half year old, he is 88 cm tall (it's amazing that he is taller than other children at his age) and weigh around 13 kg.
He already eat different kinds of foods - Filipino dishes like adobong manok (chicken), soups and to my surprise - Indian dish like beef curry, lamb palak or butter chicken! Sometimes he eat cheese and beef sausages. Recently he tried brawn (presskopf) and ate all what I gave him!
His favorite fruit is strawberry. We planted four strawberry plants in our garden and every morning he check if there are ripe fruits and sometimes he just picked up the green ones and eat them.  Of course there is a saying here in Germany that eating green fruits causes stomachache but that is not true! In the Philippines we ate green mangoes and they are absolutely sour but nothing happens. Louis did not have any stomachache from eating unripe strawberries. 
Louis is very eager to go outside, every morning I see to it that he plays in our backyard and in the afternoon we often go to childrens playground, sometimes his father take him out alone and I have my free time. 
I tried to teach Louis my own language (Cebuano), his papa spreaks to him German and it seems a little bit hard for him to speak because he speaks only two or three words. Although I know he understands what I mean when I asked him where are his shoes or his bottle of water. At 1 1/2 year old he starts to say mama and papa but not really specifically directing or looking at us. Now he starts to say "das!" or "that"and pointing on something like pictures on books, at our cats or anything interesting and new. 
At 19 months he started to sleep through the night, varying from 9 to 10 hours and takes his naps between 2 to 2 1/2 hours late in the morning. What a relief! 
So, to all mothers out there who are dreaming of a tight sleep through the night, just wait, the time will come that your child will sleep through the night, just hang in there and have patience. wink
This cute little man stole our heart. We are so grateful to see him grow healthy, his smiles and laughter are our joys.