Milestones: 10 months old baby

Louis crawls faster than ever, he even try to stand alone without leaning on something for a short moment. Recently, he climbs on our Sofa and I was very amazed how easy he did it! He also try to imitates words like "No", Papa, Ida (our cat's name) and shows his feelings more clearly when he is upset or happy.  


Sometimes, he resists on doing something although it is prohibited but I think, they are just children and needs more understanding and love! I think, I only need to show him other things so he will be distracted and forget what he wants to do....When I ask him: "Give me the ball" and seems to understand what I mean and really hand it to me is fascinating.  


The best is yet to come when Louis can walk alone by himself.


It is really sweet and it makes us parent very happy too!

Milestones: 9 months old baby

Louis crawls faster, stands-up, holds on to something and balances himself not to fall. He also tries to walk slowly around our table and outside the playpen.



He babbles things when he wants to say something. He already shows different emotions and clearly understands when we say no or praises him but that doesn't mean he will not try again when he is not allowed to do something.  


He also shows his affection when he comes to me, smile and lay his head on my shoulders! A magical moment. -:)


Most of all, he is very curious and busy looking at each DVDs he got from the cabinet.

His favorite toy is our TVs Remote Control!

Although his Auntie gave him an old remote control, he plays with it but what he really wants is our own TVs remote control! Babys!



It is exhausting to be a parent, I can see my mother laughing and say, now you know what we been through! 


It is also amazing to see how fast your baby develops and grows, and that makes me happy! 



Milestones: 8 months old baby

After a long wait my baby now begins to crawl! It could mean baby-proofing our home from all things which could probably harm the baby. He can be all over the house and is very curious and will put all things he will see into his mouth so keep an eye on him. It also means a strenuous job for the parents but it doesn't matter.


At the same time he can now feed on his own using the "pincer grip", I gave him small bits of bread and he did feed himself for the first time and I was so amazed how he did it! 


Another milestone is that he can already sleep on his own after I nursed him. Singing the same song every time is like a routine and it worked! Letting him cry it out as the Ferber Method suggest is not the solution as babies are not robots and I will not even try. As a mom, I can't simply bear letting him cry for hours so he can get to sleep.


I also noticed that he is very interested on looking at books with pictures, scanning the pages with such enthusiasm.

One week after he crawls, he can sit and begin to stand up on his own which really amazed us, as if in a moment he will start to walk, I think that would take a bit longer.


Of course he crawls to our CDs and DVDs cabinet and one at time examines each one of them and put them all over the floor! Just like what other moms said!


Mama and Papa are very happy not because of the scattered CDs and DVDs on the floor but because of the new developments!


Milestones: 7 months old baby

My baby is now seven months and 1 week old. He is trying to heave his shoulders and his lower body one at a time. He also pursues to kick with his feet and legs. Hopefully he can sit on his own already without support.


He also bable things like dadada or tatata. I try to teach him to speak Bisaya and English aside from German. Hopefully he will learn at least to speak Bisaya.


Although sleep is still a very big issue as I still wake up in the middle of the night or very early morning three to four times, sometimes even every hour.   The past few days is getting better, he sleep already for more hours straight but not more than four I think. He also sleep on his own. At first it took two hours before he got to sleep on his own and wanted to be nurse, of course he cried while I told him it is okay and held his hand and cuddle him sometimes. Eventually he stopped crying and has just babble something and sooth himself to sleep. I was very amuse because from that point everytime he woke up at night, he get back to sleep on his own, sometimes I held him but he manage to sleep on his own. A very big milestone.


I would like to wean him as soon as possible but I think that is not good for him. So I will just take it slowly so he can also adjust.


What makes us happy are  those sweet smiles and jerky laughs specially when we cuddle him together every morning.  It is a really wonderful feeling.


Milestones: 6 months old baby

Being a simply put, tiring, especially when you are deprive from sleep. I am not the one of those people who can easily get to sleep. I need time to relax to get to sleep and with a baby makes it more difficult to snooze off.


I just wished that my baby would sleep through the night and so would I. He is now 6 mos. old and started to eat solid food when he is 5 1/2 months. He's trying to explore in anything he get into his hands and put it into his mouth or just let it fall down, perhaps Mama would pick it up, so he can let it fall again -:).  


The important thing is that he begins to roll over and heave his bottom preparing to crawl. I am looking forward to see him sit, crawl and walk. He's trying to make sounds like aaaahhh gahhh and ohhh!


Every milestone I notice makes me and his Papa happy!


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