Milestones: 4-5 months old baby

At this stage your baby can sleep through the night. Some babies could still wake up every two to three hours, my little one is one of them. They may begin to eat solid foods but it is recommended to breastfeed them until at least six months.


They could give you some sweet smile as early as three months, my baby started at the end of second month! 


You cannot spoil a baby, they need a lot of attention and love. Some told me to "discipline" them from the start (like letting them cry it out, or not to carry them too long) but I let my own instinct rule and as a mom I know what is best for my baby. 


Your baby doesn't know that your spoiling them, they cry because they need something, it might be hungry, needs to be changed or just need to be hug! They feel secure and loved when you respond to their cries at this stage. My mother told me she hug and comfort me every time. And will do the same to my baby.


Milestones: 1-3 months old baby

At this stage, your baby needs to be feed evey two hours through breastfeeding or formula.  They eat, sleep, cry, must be changed and that in 24 hours stretch and is very tiring.


Most mommys are deprived from sleep and it can be so exhausting to wake up every two or three hours. You will need more patience, more energy, help, support and assistance from your husband and family.  If you are a single mom, perhaps your parents or a friend can help you.


If your baby sleep a lot and just wake when it needs to be feed or changed then you are a lucky one! Some babies cries a lot, a sack of patience is needed to stand the day.


For sure things will get better everyday and as your baby grows healthy, you will feel better and better.  Rest assured you are not the only one. If you have any questions regarding your baby don't hesitate to call your Pediatrician or your Midwife. They are happy to assist you in any way.


Being a Mom

Let me share you my experience as a mom, I will try to make it more colorful for you as possible.


Being a mother you are bonded with responsibility, undying love, etc. etc. blah blah blah.  There is also the other side of being a mom which is really amusing.


Before I got pregnant, I always thought that mothers are overprotective, oversensitive and some even spoil their children to the point that they don't participate in any household chores.  I thought to myself, if I raise my own child, I will do it better, the first thing to do is to educate them so they will not end up as a spoil brat! Hahaha.


A friend of mine got her baby and told me about the color of her baby's poop and she sounded so amused about it.  I could NOT imagine and understand why she was telling me about that!  Do mothers discuss such things among them? Wow!


One night I watched a film, it was coincidentally about love, having a baby and the ups and downs in a relationship.  In the middle of the film - the man saw a father with three children at a park and asked him about how is it to be a dad and he replied "Oh it is great! Aside from lack of sleep, no time for yourself and your mate.  Okay, the truth is - it is terrible, terrible and terrible and then you'll experience these magical moments and then it is again terrible, terrible and terrible!  It goes almost the same thing everyday and sometimes I'm fed up but you know those magical moments, it is really worth it.  Just try it yourself and you will know what I mean". :)


I just ignore what the father said in this film but to my surprise as I became a mom, I saw the film again on TV and at the same scene I thought it is really happening to me! I really laugh out loud as I realize how it is to be a parent.


It is terrible not having enough sleep and no time for yourself.  You eat like your joining the fastest eater in the world.  You take bath for only 5 minutes and sometimes not enjoying it (when your baby start to cry).  You feel great when you see that your baby's poop is yellowish (that means your baby is alright).  Remember my friend? who told me about the color of her baby's poop? Yesterday, I got a big booger out of my son's nose and I was very proud of myself!


Now I understand! The best is yet to come, you are you're child's Superhero until they reach puberty -  by then they think, you are silly! -:)


These experiences, the challenges of being a parent - are only known to parents.  Those who are not blessed with a child doesn't have any idea what it is to be one. All of a sudden, your priority as a parent is your baby, your baby and your baby. When your child is happy, you feel the same way. When they smile and laugh at you, it is as if all the sleepness nights are gone and you will feel better everytime and that is Magic!






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