It's playing time! Water playground in Langenselbold

In summer time, children loves to play outside and on every playground. Langenselbold has a very nice water playground - what children exactly needs during hot summer days.  


Is not only for the children but also for the parents, a nice place for a walk and take some "rest".  At the end of the playground is a pond with a fountain.  Ducks loves also to go for a walk like what you see in the pictures.  Louis was amazed looking at them while they made a parade going to the pond. smiley




Not only that, Langenselbold water playground has also a kneipp facility or Kneipp water-treading basin - the water comes directly from the Gründau river.  The kneipp facility is a good thing for blood circulation. 


Breastfeeding and Weaning my Baby

Breastfeeding is best for babies but sometimes it is not simple to breastfeed especially when you have little milk. Like some momies I had difficulty to breastfeed. What I did was to keeped on feeding my baby and ate foods which stimulate milk production, like beef soup. Sometimes you do not know if your baby is full or not, weighing him helped to know if he had enough.  If he gains weight then you know you have done the right thing.  Some momies combines it with formulas but I'd sticked only to breastfeeding and it was enough.  In the first few months it was really tiring, since he woke up every two to three hours and needs to be fed. So, long sleep was only a dream.


At six months, I wanted to stop breastfeeding him and introduced solid foods but I noticed that he still want to be breastfeed, so I decided to do it slowly by combining it with formula when he was eight months.  At first he did not like it but as we tried another brand he accepted it (it was the same brand he got as we are in the hospital) and So, I continue until his 10 months old.  Now, I am in the process of weaning him.  In the past four days, he stopped drinking milk from me and drink only formula. There was no struggle at all.  He was just fine.


Now, the next problem is how to stop your breast from producing milk and to prevent breast engorgement or Mastitis.  The good thing about weaning your baby slowly is that, it tells also your body to slow milk production.  I did it two times a day and once at night until I was only breastfeeding him once at night, it did not matter if it was before going to bed or in the middle of the night.  If my breast was full then it was the time to breastfeed him. I drink lots and lots of Sage Tea (Salbei Tee) combine with Peppermint Tea (Pfefferminztee) the whole day, it helps reduce milk production. When I noticed that my breast is full, hard and has lumps, I express a little milk just to ease the pain by rubbing it slightly. I also asked my midwife and so told me to massage it a little to reduce lumps.


Though my breast was not anymore full, I noticed that my left breast was painful for days already, so I talked to my therapist about it and he to put me under Mora-Therapie and after two sessions it was gone! Thank God...


Yes, being a mother is not easy, you have to be mentally and physically fit and you will need all the help from your family and friends. The most important thing is that your baby is happy and satisfied, lots of play and being there every time.


Smoking in front of Kids!

As we drove to an Appliance Store, I saw a family standing outside the store with a small child, I think it was the same age with my son. To my surprise both father and mother and their friend were taking out cigarettes and started to smoke in front of the baby! I was so shock as they didn't bother smoking in front of him! I think they know the side effects of smoking but they just didn't care. How can they do that? What about at home???


According to an article I read about smoking from, it says: 


Smoking outside is better than smoking indoors, but no matter where you smoke, your baby will be exposed to the toxins. These toxins are unhealthy for everyone, but small children are particularly vulnerable.

Whenever someone smokes, toxic particulate matter gets into that person's hair and clothes. In addition, a smoker exhales toxins for several minutes after extinguishing the cigarette.

When a smoker comes into contact with your baby, even if she's not smoking at the time, your baby is exposed to those toxins. And if you're a smoker and you breastfeed, the toxins are transferred to your baby through your breast milk. (Even if you're a smoker, though, nursing your baby is better than bottle-feeding her.)

Also, smoking inside your home isn't safe even when your baby's not there. The toxic particulates from the smoke settle on surfaces throughout the house and stay there long after the visible smoke dissipates. Pediatrician Jonathan Winickoff at the American Academy of Pediatrics' Richmond Center and Harvard Medical School coined the term "thirdhand" smoke to describe this kind of tobacco-smoke contamination.

"Children are especially at risk because they crawl and play on, touch, and mouth exposed surfaces," says Jonathan D. Klein, director of the Richmond Center. In fact, the ingestion rate in infants is more than twice that of adults.


If you smoke that doesn't mean you are a bad person but as a parent, your children needs your protection and not to harm them...Think about it.


Milestones: 12 months old baby

Sometimes I felt bad when I turn the Children show on TV but when I have to do something like cooking, I don't want him to roam around in the kitchen for security reasons and he doesn't want to sit on his chair until I finish cooking. So, I put him on his playpen while I cook until he is bored and then I turned on the children show.  I know it is not good for children. For sure there is no advertisement and Louis watch only one show and no other. Of course if my husband is there, he takes care of Louis and I can finish my cooking and we eat together. 


Louis loves to eat chicken soup with vegetables and alphabet noodles (they are very tiny and easy to swallow). I prepare this ahead of time and put it in small plastic boxes and freeze them. It is better, easy and saves me a lot of time!


Milestones: 11 months old baby

Now, Louis is becoming more and more active.  He often stands alone without leaning on something and tries to stabilizes his feet so he will not fall.  He made his first 3 steps alone and it was wonderful though he still seems comfortable with crawling.  Day by day he is eager to explore on everything and I mean everything!


When it comes to food, he is a bit selective and I notice that he losses interest in mashed baby food.   He enjoys more finger food where he can feed himself though it is sometimes a mess but it doesn't matter cleaning it myself afterwards -:). Today, I feed him cooked potato and for the first time with a little scrambled egg and we have fun together!  Though he seem skeptic with the taste of scrambled egg, he did tried to ate a very small portion of it.

He also imitate words like eiinnns (one) or daaaa (Ida).  Though mommy cannot understand what he is babbling, he seems to be talking while pointing on to something.  I am trying to teach him my own language, so he will be able to speak Bisaya aside from German language.  Children learns to speak two or more languages easier than adults and it is recommended by everyone.  I just hope he will be able to really speak Bisaya.  Anyhow,  I will do my best.
Soon, he will be celebrating his first birthday and we are all looking forward to it and also when he can really walk by himself so we can play outside and have more fun, especially in Summer. -:)

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